Charley Hulls Opens Up on her Smoking Habit and how she was Influenced by “DALY”

Charley Hulls Opens Up on her Smoking Habit and how she was Influenced by “DALY”

I’m not gonna change for the world” – Charley Hull opens up about smoking a cigarette while signing autographs at US Women’s Open

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Charley Hull completed her performance in the 2024 US Women’s Open with a score of 6 over. With the final round still to be completed, the Englishwoman is in the Top 20 of the event.

After finishing her performance at the Lancaster Golf Club in Pennsylvania, Hull attended the usual press conference where a reporter asked her if she intended to open up more to the fans and let them know her personality better.Hull replied (at 3:45):

“All my friends always say I should have a TV show, if you think I’m a color person on the golf course, you should see what my life is like [laughs].”

“It’s quite funny, you don’t know whats coming out of my mouth next, I don’t know whats coming out of my mouth next. I’m just me, I’m not gonna change for the world, I’m just me, and people either like it or lump it,” she added.

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Other reporters were interested to know Charley Hull’s opinion of the great popularity she has enjoyed at Lancaster Golf Club. Hull said (at 1:16):

“I don’t know, all over the cigarette, I suppose. I was walking to the range, had my hands full, someone asked me for an autograph and I’m not going to say no, cuz I always like signning autographs to them.”



“Just haded my cigarette in my mouth, signed it and then it’s gone viral. But I don’t know, it’s just one of them things, it’s been crazy, like the fans have been shatting my name this week,” she added.

This was Charley Hull’s 10th appearance at the US Women’s Open. In nine previous participations, she had seven cuts made and two Top 10s. In 2023, she had a career-best finish of T2 in the event.

A look into Charley Hull’s performance at 2024 US Women’s Open

Charley Hull improved her performance as the tournament progressed, which allowed her to climb up the leaderboard. She finished the first round with a score of 5 over 75, with one birdie, four bogeys and a double bogey on the infamous 12th hole.In the second round, Hull finished with a score of 2 over 72, with one birdie and three bogeys. She repeated the score in the third round, with two birdies and four bogeys.

Her best round of the event was the fourth, in which she posted a score of 3-under 67, with four birdies and one bogey. Her 72-hole score was 6 over and he is T19 with the second round still to finish.If she finishes in the top 20, it will mark her fourth such result in ten appearances at the US Women’s Open.

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