Why is LeBron James often compared to Larry Bird? Looking at the comparisons drawn between the 2 all-time greats

LeBron James is arguably the second-best NBA player of all time. He is behind Michael Jordan and still chasing the Chicago Bulls legend. However, many have compared James to players other than Jordan throughout his career. James has frequently been compared to Larry Bird, one of the best forwards in the history of the league.


Bird spent his 13-year career with the Boston Celtics, winning three championship rings.


This article will explore the similarities between LeBron James and Larry Bird and why many players compare the two basketball legends.


LeBron James and Larry Bird are similar


LeBron James and Larry Bird have many similarities. Both are versatile forwards who stand at 6-foot-9. They are talented on the offensive end of the floor, but they also play strong defense.



James and Bird are fantastic all-around players whose basketball skills set them apart from many other players. Aside from scoring, both players are selfless, displaying excellent ball distribution.


At one point, Larry Bird was considered one of the top NBA players of all time. The Boston Celtics legend was 23 in his first NBA season and retired at 35.


Despite not being as physically gifted as James, Bird still managed to become one of the greatest players of all time. During his career, the Celtics forward was competitive, and his high basketball IQ made him even more dangerous.


LeBron’s biggest weakness is his 3-point shooting. While he’s had several seasons with a decent shooting percentage, he’s been average at best. Larry Bird, on the other hand, was a great shooter. Bird played in an era where 3-point shooting wasn’t standard, yet he still converted 37.9% of long-range shots.


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LeBron James vs. Larry Bird – Stats comparison


Comparing two players from different eras is complex, making it impossible to compare James to Bird properly. The NBA has drastically changed in the past few decades, affecting the comparison.



However, it’s interesting that both players had similar career averages.


PPGRPGAPGSPGBPGFG%3P%FT%Larry Bird24.310. James27.


James has averaged more points and assists than Bird, while the Celtics legend averaged more rebounds and steals per game.


Bird was more efficient from the 3-point line and a more reliable free-throw shooter. However, LeBron’s athleticism has helped him make more than 50% of his total field goal attempts.



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